Extended Activity

2016-11-25 11:52:00 Leyond 379

      November 12, 2016, in the second days after people crazy shopping, LEYOND's partners to go to QingYuan to expand the training of the journey, the two days of the trip, all have a good time.

     The journey is short, but reflected the power of our groups. In expanding the activities we cooperate actively and strive to the best to complete the task. The development of group activities, excellently reflects that employee of Leyond are positive and unity. Our group cooperation ability is allow all doubt.

     The journey is not just walking, it is let us promote the vitality of the spirit and the potential mining of ourselvies. We hope every member of Leyond are full of spirit, positive enterprising, and to be the best of you in the group.   ----Shenzhen Leyond LightingCo.,Ltd.