Architecture High Bay Light

Apply to workshops, warehouses, public places, exhibition halls, buildings, gas stations, factories, shops, supermarkets, etc.

Color : White
Product Code : LY-HB31150XX
Brand : Leyond

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Product Size

Luminous Flux

Input Voltage

Beam Angle


IP Rating


80W   /  100W  / 120W  /  150W

Φ325x400  /  Φ345x400  /  Φ445x400  /  Φ445x400

8000lm  / 10000lm  / 12000lm / 15000lm

AC100V~240V 50/60Hz




WW:2700-3200K      NW:4000-4500K      PW:5000-6500K

Operation and Storage Condition

• Operation Ambient Temperature -20 to +55°C, Relative Humidity 20~90%

• Input Voltage 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz 

• Storage Ambient Temperature -20to +55°C, Relative Humidity 5~95% 

• Mounting Height : Suitable for 6~12m height 


• Unique and beautiful looking design. 

• Good heat dissipation performance guarantee the long life span.

• PC Reflector and PC Lens.By the combination illumination in the tridi-mensional space ,highlight the environment with the sense of the space,and it is full of decorative. 

• Waterproof  design, eliminating mist, avoiding condensation,improving quality,extending the life span. 

• Reflector's beam angel 90 °,Reflective rate could reach up to 92%. 

• Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Heat, Thunder Protection 

• Choice of Correlated Color Temperatures (Specification Re-Defined Accordingly) 

• Long lifespan for LED 50,000 hrs 

• 100% Recycle, No Pollution, and UV, IR


• Do Not Use Other Devices for LED high bay light Installation Such as Stabilizer, Regulator …etc 

• Do Not Open the Light Engine 

• Do Not Soak the high bay light into Water 

• Do Not Light up the System Without Grounding 

• Do Not Use Dimmer