30W-50W LED High Mast Light

• Applicable to all types of road lighting: expressway, trunk road, main road, large public buildings or commercial center road, secondary road, branch, • residential roads and sidewalks, and can also be used for general building, square, freight yard, landscape and other places of lighting. • New Installation or Replace the traditional High Pressure Sodium Lamp, High Pressure Mercury Lamp, and Metal Halide Street Lamps. Etc.

Color : White
Product Code : LY-ST15030XX
Brand : Leyond

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• Inner Carton = 1 Set Weight:0.92KG 

• 1 Outer Carton= 20 Set Weight:21.0KG 

• Inner Carton Size : 320mm X 85mm X 70mm 

• Outer Carton Size : 465mm X 340mm X 325mm 


• High luminous efficiency,30W Luminous flux4285lm; Whole lamp output light effiency >150LM/W.

• Unique second-time light distribution, no light pollution,no glare, no flickering.

• Modular structure making the lamp more easier and faster to be designed ,easy to do replacement and maintaining.A variety of combinations can multiply increase the brightness and illumination.

• Modular concept, piece combinations as your require. Can satisfy any number of lanes and width combinations. With IP66 Protection, adapt to any weather conditions.

• Impact Resistance, Shock-proof, Without Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) Radiation: No filament and glass frames, avoid break of the traditional lamp,without harm to the human body.

• The CCT of Warm white、Neutral white、Pure white to meet the needs of different occasions, eliminated the low color temperature of the sodium lamp which cause the depressed mood.

• CHEM module design adopts the professional optical design of free-curve- surface, fully uses the features that LED light in directionally to improve the utilization of LED maximumly under offered a space-saving of light efficiency,and makes shines more than 80% on the road,and avoids light pollution maximumly caused by street lights.