150W LED Billboard Light

• It is applicable to large outdoor advertising lighting • New Installation or Replace the traditional High Pressure Sodium Lamp, High Pressure Mercury Lamp, and Metal Halide Advertising Lamps. Etc

Brand : Leyond
Product Code : LY-ST64150PW
Color : Black


• Adoption LEYOND exclusive Lens with light transmittance up to 98%.

• Perfect Light Distribution Solution:Adoption of integrated shell optic lens, enhance the brightness and illumination uniformity. 

• There are 24°, 36°,60°, 90° beam angle options for the Lens.

• Scientifically-designed heat dissipater with much better cooling effect.

• High luminous efficiency, Whole lamp output light effiency >120LM/W. 

• High quality power supply, input voltage 100-240V. The power efficiency is more than 90%, power factor greater than 0.98, UL compulsory certification. 

• For the traditional light source such as the High Pressure Sodium, if the voltage fluctuation ±7%, the brightness and lifetime will be reduced very fast, but for BBE LED, even the voltage fluctuation is ±20%, the brightness and lifetime will not be influenced at all;Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Heat, Thunder Protection.

• Impact Resistance, Shock-proof, Without Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) Radiation: No filament and glass frames, avoid break of the traditional lamp,without harm to the human body. 

• The CCT of Warm white、Neutral white、Pure white to meet the needs of different occasions, eliminated the low color temperature of the sodium lamp which cause the depressed mood, observers will feel more comfortable.

• The most outstanding characteristic is not only the handle can rotate to adjust the Angle of received light of lamps and lanterns and a single module also can adjust Angle rotation,greatly increasing the effective utilization rate of light

Technical parameter:

Power :150W

Input Voltage:AC100~240V 50/60Hz

 Input Current:0.69A/220V AC           

 Power Efficiency:90%

 Luminous Flux:>18000lm

 CRI: >50

 Beam Angle:24°/36°/60°/90°

CCT :3000-3500K   4000-4500K   5000-5500K   6000-6500K

Carton Size:570X410X100mm

Net Weight:5.9kg

Gross Weight:6.4kg

IP Rating:IP66

Operation and Storage Condition:

• Operation Ambient Temperature -20 to +50°C, Relative Humidity 20~90%

• Input Voltage 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz

• Storage Ambient Temperature -20 to +65°C, Relative Humidity 5~95%

• Mounting Height : Suitable for 5~12m height 


• Carton Size: 570mm×410mm×100mm

• Net weight:5.9KG         Gross weight:6.4KG