150W UL LED High Bay light

Factory/ Gym/Square/Airport/ watercraft/warehouse/Outdoor advertising…

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• 13 flexible positions makes project angle can be adjusted within 216 °.

• By riveting the heatpipe to the fins , the heatpipe can conduct  heat rapidly 

  from  chips bottom to the fins, greatly  lower down the temperature of light 

  source, extending its life span.

 Waterproof  design, eliminating mist, avoiding condensation,improving quality,

  extending the life span.

 Reflective rate could reach up to 92%.

 Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Heat, Thunder Protection

 100% Recycle, No Pollution, and UV, IR

Technical parameter:


Input Voltage:100-240V AC 50/60Hz

Luminous Flux:13780lm


Beam Angle:25° / 60° / 90°

CCT:WW:2700-3200K      NW:4000-4500K      PW:5000-6000K

IP Rating:IP65

Net Weight:8.5kg

Operation and Storage Condition:

Operation Ambient Temperature -45 to + 55°C, Relative Humidity 20~90%

Input Voltage 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz

Storage Ambient Temperature -45 5to +5 55°C, Relative Humidity 5~95%

Mounting Height : Suitable for 20~50m height


Carton Size: 475mm×475mm×510mm


Do Not Use Other Devices for LED high bay light Installation Such as Stabilizer, Regulator …etc

Do Not Open the Light Engine

Do Not Soak the high bay light into Water

Do Not Light up the System Without Grounding

Do Not Use Dimmer