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500W Sport Ground LED Flood Light

• Full waterproof design 

• High transmittance empered glass,transimittan 93% 

• Multible choices for reflctors: 25°,45°,60°,90°,100°, meet the requirement of professional light distribution. 

• By riveting the heatsink to the fins,make the incomparable heatsink housing,The heat from the LEDS is transformed to the fins with massive dissipating area by the 12X8mm heatpipes,reducing the temperature of the LEDS rapidly and extending the life span. 

• Over Current,Over Voltage,Over Heat,Thunder Protection 

• Choice of correlated color temperatures 

• Long lifespan for LED 50,000 hrs 

• Complying with CE、ROHS, No strobing during working, Fast response (no delay) , No mercury vapour ,No radiation,No UV,No damage with frequency switching 

• IP Rating: IP65

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