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150W Spiderman LED Stadium Light

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150W Spiderman LED Stadium Light

·Absolutely unique mold,make your lighting special and fantastic.

·Adoption LEYOND exclusive Lens with light transmittance up to 98%.

·Anti-glare and uniform light level to avoid any visual discomfort.

·There are 25°, 36°,60°, 90°,160°,145*90° beam angle options for the Lens.

·High quality power supply, input voltage 85-305V. The power efficiency is more than 90%, power factor greater than 0.98.

·High luminous efficiency, Whole lamp output light efficiency >160LM/W.

·Duct type thermal design, reduce the weight of the light and ensure good heat dissipation, lower luminous decay, and also extend life span of the              leds. 

·Low energy consumption,matching high efficiency constant-current driver, 60% energy saving; with good resistance to over-current, over-voltage,          lightning, high temperature, which fully ensure long life span and high stability of the products.  

·Durable lights with long life span up to 50000 hours; No need frequent replacements of lights and regular maintenance.

·Green environmental protection, no UV light and infrared radiation, no mercury pollution.

·Nice appearance and non-fouling properties, Protection class IP66.

·Work without strobe, fast transient response;A wide range of working voltage.

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